Botanical Sculptures


The Opus Earth Collection: 

Botanically-inspired items designed to imitate earth’s surface.


Drawing on nature’s abundance, we created a new range of Kokedamas. Each one unique, these moss balls are host to a bouquet of exotic, rare and unusual plants. 


Kokedama, often called poor man’s bonsai in Japan, literally means moss (koke) ball (dama). It consists of a ball of soil around the plant’s root system which is covered in organic materials.


At Opus, we have been making moss balls by hand since 2011. Our materials are carefully selected and our process is meticulous to ensure we create a happy and healthy home for each plant.


Filtered light, but no direct sunlight

Watering once every two weeks or when the ball feels light

Allow soil to dry out in between watering

Supplied with string and s-hook to suspend your moss ball


*As plants are organic and no two plants are alike, your plant may vary from the image.

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Dimensions 6.28 × 6.28 × 6.28 cm

Dew, Earth, Moss

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